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Bobo Bistro in Cannes,
a culinary art that combines simplicity with love of food

An art based on produce that follows the seasons

Come and enjoy authentic and gourmet home-made cuisine packed with delicious Mediterranean flavours at this restaurant near La Croisette in Cannes which, since it opened, has always given pride of place to organic produce. Bobo Bistro’s principle is to cultivate the art of simplicity by opting for dishes prepared with produce straight from the market that change with the seasons and pride themselves on being light and offering a new and healthier approach to traditional dishes. No more monotony! Each day promises something new.

At the head of the kitchen, there is the Chef, Fabrice Bellisent, who makes the very best of seasonal produce with a mouth-watering menu. At Bobo Bistro, it is the produce that takes pride of place. Seasoning, side dishes, preparation, everything is cleverly concocted to ensure a festival of flavours on the plate. 

At lunchtime, Bobo Bistro invites you to savour a light version of bistro food with a choice of 2 dishes of the day for €12 and a set menu featuring a dish of the day, served with a glass of wine and a coffee for €14.

Do you want to treat your taste buds after a stroll along La Croisette? Our restaurant welcomes you in the evening and serves some dishes of its à la carte menu and suggestions prepared according to market availability to cater for the tastes of all our guests!


High-quality wines that are emblematic of the regions

If the food menu is an ode to diversity, the wine list also offers a variety of references from all regions for subtle wine-dish pairing. Here again Bobo Bistro gives pride of place to proximity by working with local wine sellers, always with a concern to ensuring excellence and high quality for its diners.

This wish is reflected in the selection of organic, biodynamic and natural wines, that are in the image of the regions where they are produced and reflect the hard work of the environmentally-friendly winemakers. Behind each wine lies a story and the very essence of an estate. Simplicity, humanity, authenticity come together in the Bobo Bistro wine list.